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Leading cybersecurity consulting services engineered to protect every layer of your IT infrastructure.

You Can't Have Information TechnologyCybersecurity

Without CybersecurityInformation Technology

Cybersecurity is not an ”add-on” for businesses with effective IT systems. In order to secure IT infrastructure, systems, processes and technology must be designed with security in mind. Every layer of IT infrastructure must be configured to create a unified defense against cyberattacks. Our holistic approach to technology management gives InfoPathways a unique viewpoint as to what role cybersecurity plays in organizations’ technology environments.

Information Technology

Technology infrastructure must be designed and maintained with cybersecurity in mind.


Cybersecurity is there to maintain the integrity of the IT structure.

The InfoPathways Approach

We identify issues before they become problems with non-stop systems monitoring and regular health, service and security reviews. Proactive cybersecuirty keeps your assets safe and reduces overall costs.

The Right Tools

Our software portfolio is constantly evolving to support a wide range of clients with high complexity and compliance requirements. We adapt best practices to best serve the needs of each individual client we do business with.


The Right People

Every member of our team is experienced in working in high-compliance environments. We understand the cybersecurity requirements enforced by numerous government organizations including the FDA, USAID, the CDC, and NIH.

Our Cybersecurity Arsenal
Our Cybersecurity Arsenal

The Layered Security Model

InfoPathways leverages practices from the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the design of our Cybersecurity Arsenal. Our approach to cybersecurity employs multiple layers of protection to ensure threats are stopped before they affect your mission critical assets.