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Allies & Advocates

Allies & Advocates

for Human IT

Of Human IT

for HumanIT

We are a collective of technology professionals who care about putting users first. We ensure your relationship with technology is human-centered, and not the other way around. Machines don’t know that your people are your greatest asset, but we do.

Your Job is complicated,

using technology shouldn’t have to be.

using technology

shouldn’t have to be.

InfoPathways streamlines your technology so you can focus on what you do best.

All Your Tech. Integrated.

All Your Tech. Integrated.

The technology that makes you successful includes hardware, software, processes, systems, and numerous service providers. They all have to play nice together—we get it. We ensure every element integrates like it’s supposed to. We make IT work.

Comprehensive Solutions for Complex Environments.

Comprehensive Solutions for Complex Environments.

Biotech. Government. Infrastructure Construction. These are just a few of the industries we serve that are high tech with high stakes. We take a holistic, comprehensive approach to understanding the intricacies that your business technology demands.

Your bottom line, always in mind.

Your bottom line, always in mind.

Technology can be costly. So can avoiding it. Our solutions always consider lowering costs, mitigating risk and ultimately increasing profits.

IT Solutions

We understand the business and technology needs of research and pharmaceutical firms. We deploy and support technologies used in BSL 1-4/ABSL 1-4 labs and GxP environments. We have experience with AALAC, BMBL, CFR Part 11 and HIPAA requirements. Our client portfolio includes emerging and established pharmaceuticals, drug development, and research firms.

IT Solutions

Industrial and manufacturing environments leverage technology differently than a standard office setting. Robots and other smart manufacturing equipment leverage managed wireless networks and are a critical piece of optimizing your operations. We understand sensitive equipment, process control systems, and how to properly manage OS patches and anti-virus in specialized process environments.

& Construction

InfoPathways was founded by professionals from the construction industry. We support everything from civil construction (highway/heavy) to residential constructors. We have extensive experience with construction software including Viewpoint, Bid2Win, BlueBeam and more. We have deployed systems for daily construction reporting and field office connectivity.


Managing multiple properties brings the challenge of a distributed work force and the need for standardization. InfoPathways works with property management firms to standardize their leasing offices and streamline operations. We provide managed wireless networks for staff use and Guest Wi-Fi. We support AdobeSign, Office 365, SharePoint, Yardi and VOIP systems like Microsoft Teams, 8x8 and Sangoma.


The IP Difference

We leverage our experience across industries with complex technology needs.

Data Security & Integrity

We serve a wide range of compliance driven firms, including integrated healthcare, pre-clinical research, animal research, asphalt production. While data is important to all businesses, it is acutely important to clients with critical reporting requirements to government or other regulatory entities. Our team has extensive experience with complex compliance requirements, including HIPAA, CARF, SOX, GxP, 21 CFR Part11, AALAC and more.

Expansive Depth in Design/Implementation of Networks

InfoPathways has been designing wired and wireless networks for over 14 years. From 2015-2021 Our team designed, managed and operated a hybrid fiber/wireless network spanning over 1000 miles, with 3000+ endpoints.

Extensive Application Support

We have migrated many clients to Microsoft 365, and continue to support and enhance how our clients use 365 as Microsoft releases new applications and security features. We are experienced with G-Suite, Adobe, DocuSign, Sage, Quickbooks and more. We have implemented both applications such as Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, and BlueJeans, as well as hardware such as Jabra, Yealink, and the Owl for video conferencing systems.


Our Services

We evaluate how well your tech strategy serves your current and future business needs. Whether you’re in need of immediate widescale IT infrastructure changes or steady long-term growth, our consultants can provide IT infrastructure planning that allows you to focus on your core business.

Our team is experienced in drafting SOPs and IT policy. We have a library of industry best practices for IT and cybersecurity governance. Policies will need to change as your business needs and technology landscape change. Our team can help you maintain strong IT policies that deter risky behaviors, govern collaboration with 3rd party vendors/providers, and set clear expectations for your employees.

Great customer service is central to our business model. Our help desk technicians stay positive when dealing with any issue and talk about tech issues in language that makes sense to non-technical users. Our help desk technicians are hired locally to our office in Mid- Maryland. Learn more about our team.

We translate your unique business needs into a feasible technology solution. Automated reporting, VOIP systems, security configurations- these are just a few examples of technology solutions we have provided to clients.

We are experienced with building networks for facilities with unique compliance needs, security requirements, and environmental challenges (i.e. cleanrooms, multi-building campuses.). Our team previously designed, managed and operated a hybrid fiber/wireless network spanning over 1000 miles, with 3000+ endpoints.

Many businesses don’t realize they are overprovisioning Microsoft 365 licenses, leading to unnecessary costs. At any given time, Microsoft currently offers numerous types of licenses, all with vastly different use cases, and this is constantly changing. Trying to optimize Microsoft 365 can be challenging and time consuming- let us help!

Our team keeps security in mind every step of the way as we build and maintain your IT infrastructure. Our approach to cybersecurity utilizes multiple layers of protection to ensure threats are stopped before they affect your mission critical assets. We adapt our cybersecurity arsenal to protect against constantly evolving global cyber threats.