Specialized Remanufacturing Enterprise

Industry: Remanufacturing

Established 1972

~50 Employees

35+ Online Machines and Devices

This remanufacturing company has been rebuilding, refurbishing, calibrating, and serving industrial machinery for nearly 50 years. With highly specialized equipment designed for very specific solutions— some built decades ago—it’s a challenge to keep everything connected and communicating properly. They did their best to maintain their systems and patch problems over time but were in need of a full-network upgrade. Then they experienced a highly sophisticated ransomware attack which lead to operational lockdown and a demand of a ransom payment.



Ransom Avoided 

First, we were able locate and restore backups that allowed the client to bypass any ransom costs and get all machinery back online and running again. 

Modernized Infrastructure 

Next, we updated all hardware and software from 2005 standards to present day sophistication. This included servers, routers, wiring, and all the software necessary. Some machines could not be connected to the outside world because of antiquated security protocol, yet they still needed to be controlled on the internal network. We developed the solutions to make this possible. 

From the Floor to the Cloud

With dozens of machines on the manufacturing floor, countless operations are needed to keep things running. We were able to migrate most of these functions to the cloud, which allowed for higher security, less internal oversight, and thousands of savings in server costs. 

Solid Security. Every single day. 

By updating and replacing their antiquated operations, the system now prevents daily malware attacks which could immobilize operations.


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