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Proactive, effective managed IT services that fit your company’s budget!

Let our IP team become your IT team!  It’s no secret that IT is responsible for helping your company manage customer and stakeholder expectations. Our services include IT infrastructure support, network support, data backup, network security and internet services – all geared to helping you maximize the value of your technology. Our highly-trained engineers and technicians provide top-quality services to optimize your network and your IT budget.

It’s all about YOU! At InfoPathways, we’ve been managing IT services for decades. While some IT firms focus on just technology, we focus on you. We understand how you do business, and create plans that enable you to focus on your business and not on your technology. Keeping up in today’s fast-paced, evolving technology world is a feat in and of itself. Companies need to integrate computers, smartphones, tablets, printers and network devices while maintaining a secure environment. With speed and agility, the IP team assesses what works best for you and creates options to simplify how you manage your technology. You can focus on your business and the IP professionals do the rest!

Reduce downtime.  Eliminate data loss.  Let the IP team proactively support your systems to deter network and security issues before they become expensive problems. Proactive monitoring, maintenance and alerts are just part of the solution.

At InfoPathways, Managed IT Solutions include:

Everything from network design to help desk support.
Every aspect of your network and your devices within your organization.
Seamless cloud based storage for your data.
Off-site secure back-up for your server and your organization’s critical data.
Evaluating and ensuring that your network devices and data are protected.
Ensure your network and services stay protected from ongoing threats.
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Transform your organization today with flexible, cost-effective technology solutions designed for you by InfoPathways.

Contact the IP team at or call 410-751-9929.

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