American Efficiency Systems

Industry: Engineering/Construction 

Established 2001

60+ Employees

6 US Locations

“Our industry is very complicated and has a lot of moving parts and each of them provides their own challenges. InfoPathways offers the right solutions for every IT challenge.” 

– Bob M.

AES provides inspection, maintenance and optimization services to a variety of industries including power plants, electrical engineering, petrochemical, food processing, pharmaceutical, and ethanol-producing facilities. These services require state-of-the art IT. Additionally, AES has offices in Florida, Missouri, North Carolina, Virginia, and Texas, and crews are dispersed literally all around the country, often in remote locations. 

Paper-based record keeping systems no longer served AES, and often required different departments performing multiple steps. With only text and telephone communications, collaboration was difficult. They needed simplified, efficient, secure, collaborative communication and data sharing capabilities.


Increased Efficiency for Every Task 

With crews and headquarters thousands of miles apart, they needed a way to seamlessly connect everyone and everything. This included employees, files, project management, estimating, inventory, HR, uniform orders, and supply requests. We built a cloud-based solution using Sharepoint and Office 365. Tasks that had taken three or four steps, were reduced to one simple action. Efficiency and accuracy was greatly improved, and so were the profits. 

For example, technicians on a job site often needed to track crew time, order supplies, and create invoices for work done. This previously required three separate systems, each with multiple steps which often resulted in entry mistakes. It’s now accomplished nearly instantly on the fly. Databases are automatically updated, invoices are automatically generated, and errors have been reduced to virtually zero. 

Increased Security: Outside and Inside

We installed cybersecurity on every device to protect from viruses and cyber attacks. Additionally, we conducted training and provided electronic safety protocols for all team members so they can now safely and securely operate their devices without exposing themselves to outside threats.   

The right hardware—fast and fixed in a hurry.

AES has grown exponentially over the last few years requiring dozens of new laptops each month. We purchase them, condition them, and send them to the users within days.

Additionally, the conditions in the field can be tough on equipment. So we repair or replace devices quickly. 

Collaborative Communications  / Hi-tech, hi-touch communications 

The on-site crews had been limited to texting and phone calls, making collaboration difficult. Using MS Teams, we gave them the ability to video conference with colleagues and experts around the country. Now images of problems are shared in real time and solutions are determined quickly. This results in significantly less downtime, which means significant cost savings. 


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